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Codan cuts 40 jobs in Adelaide

Electronics manufacturer, Codan, is cutting 40 jobs at its Adelaide office.

Last week, the company had reported a net profit of $45.4 million, up 97 per cent, on revenues of $244.3 million.

A Codan spokesman says there were adverse conditions for the business in the second half, reports ABC News.

Two-thirds of Codan's Minelab metal detectors is sold in Africa and civil unrest in that region is dampening sales.

Codan's radio communications division had a chellenging year but has some wins. Earlier this month, Codan Radio Communications, demonstrated the MRAY, its new HF and LMR cross-platform technology.

The MRAY integrates Codan’s Envoy HF smart radio, LMR VHF/UHF 30 W Repeater and 3031 Crosspatch to create an innovative product that enables long distance communications between two or more P25 repeater sites via a HF link.

The reduction in staff from the Newton Adelaide is expected to save the company $2 million and some low-level manufacturing will be moved to Malaysia.

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