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Coagulation water treatment protects environment and solves disposal problems

Water Maze Innovator coagulation industrial wastewater treatment technology is being introduced to Australia by Enware to help users preserve their environment through water remediation and recycling while avoiding hefty disposal costs for untreated water.

The Innovator EC modular system – features of which can be combined or employed separately for particular applications – includes electrocoagulation and chemical treatment components to remove emulsified oils, heavy metals and solids from a broad range of waste streams.

With flow rates of up to 75 litres per minute, the Innovator system comes in two versions, which are:

EC2-20A Advanced Electro-Coagulation Technology. EC2-20A is next generation technology for treating wash water and other industrial wastewater that contains suspended solids, emulsified oils and heavy metals. This system combines both electro-coagulation and chemical flocculation to enhance and speed up the process of removing constituents from wastewater. This system uses a highly effective mixing of the electrolytically coagulated and chemically flocculated waste stream to assure adequate mixing and dwell time in order for constituents to clump together, making them easier to purge. The simple, highly automated PLC Controlled System features an Electrolytic cell (EC) using a variable amp flow to provide longer cell life.

CoAg2-20A Advanced Chemical Treatment. The Water Maze CoAg2-20A system is an advanced chemical system that adds an advanced chemical coagulant and polymer to the treatment process to efficiently remove suspended solids and emulsified oils. The system – which is low maintenance and very cost-effective to operate – can be used on its own as primary water treatment or with other technologies, such as electro-coagulation or bioremediation. Also simply operated and highly automated with PLC Control, the CoAg2-20A may (depending on application) create water quality that is recyclable or good enough for discharge to sanitary sewer.

Indexing Polishing Filter IPF2-20D. The IPF can be applied as a pre-treatment or post-treatment to another water treatment to remove particulates. The IPF employs media paper of various micron sizes to filter out particulates in water. It comes with adjustable support legs to accommodate different sump sizes or can be lowered over the top of an existing sump drain.

Clean Water Recycling Module IPF2-20D This module automatically manages the flow of treated water for re-use. It can be applied as a stand-along module for the Water Maze EC System or CoAg System and may also be applied to other applications where water recycling is required.

The new modular Water Maze Innovator electro-coagulation and chemical systems extend the proven success of the Water Maze WaterStax bioremediation system. They also treat and recycle commercial and industrial wastewater that would otherwise be subject to costly collection and further treatment, says Enware Environmental Product Manager Mr Scott Whittaker. The latest Water Maze technologies have evolved to allow easier and simpler customization to individual user needs, he says. In addition to mixing of modules to suit particular applications, the technology includes such benefits as:

* Highly efficient, continual flow batch feed processing system

* Integrated processing tanks which stand empty except when processing water

* No standing water in tanks after processing, eliminating the need for odour control

* No need to send dirty water away; water is quickly processed and discharged to sewer or held for recycling

* Compact design with small footprint

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