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Co-operation to promote tidal energy

Australian-based tidal energy company MAKO Tidal Turbines Pty Ltd (MTT) and Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) are about to undertake a six month tidal turbine demonstration at the Port of Gladstone.

The project will investigate how tidal energy can contribute to Australia’s energy mix by producing clean, predictable renewable energy. MTT CEO Douglas Hunt is confident tidal energy will become an important new source of renewable energy in coastal and river communities, not just in Australia but globally.

“GPC is an ideal partner, with the necessary combination of vision and expertise to deploy our unique MAKO tidal turbine system in a commercial setting,” Hunt said.

“By using existing structures at GPC’s wharves, similar to those found around the world, MAKO tidal turbines can be installed cost-effectively and in much shorter timeframes than if floating or seabed mounting systems were used.”

GPC CEO Peter O’Sullivan said it’s the first time a tidal turbine has been trialled as a potential energy source in Gladstone.

“We are excited to be partnering with MAKO to demonstrate the turbine’s capabilities, particularly within a port environment,” O’Sullivan said.

“GPC has long recognised the potential to extract energy from the tides in Gladstone and we are pleased to now be able to investigate this further as we continue on our pathway to a sustainable future.”

The tidal turbine is expected to be installed at GPC’s Barney Point Terminal within months.

Tidal energy involves the conversion of kinetic energy in free-flowing water into electricity.

As tidal flows can be accurately estimated years in advance, tidal turbines will be a completely reliable source of renewable energy suitable for grid integration or renewable baseload electricity when coupled  with battery storage.

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