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Cloud Connect now in full Vocus

With the latest launch of it’s improved Vocus Cloud Connect (VCC), Vocus Communications has delivered a product that is set to meet the growing demand for multiple hybrid cloud solutions through a single provider.

Cloud providers including Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, IBM Softlayer and Amazon Web Services are all available for Vocus customers to connect directly from their offices in both domestic and international locations.

Recent research from Telsyte showed more than half of all organisations consisting of 20 employees or more are using public cloud IaaS for their IT infrastructure.

According to Chief Technology Officer at Vocus Luke Mackinnon, “We developed our VCC product in response to our growing customer base who are increasingly adopting hybrid cloud models, typically in line with growing pressure to reduce costs and increase security.”

 In addition to an increase in Cloud providers, the new VCC also includes the option to directly connect customers through their IP WAN or point-to-point Ethernet networks.

VCC can offer significant cost savings for businesses when compared to accessing cloud providers via the Internet, depending on usage.

Up to 1Gbps and 10G speeds are available with VCC Layer 2 and 3 connections in pre-determined increments.

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