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Close to the process with distributed automation

Are you looking to automate your plant with a close-to-process and secure method? Bürkert provides the support you actually need thanks to its ideally matched and compact solutions.

The new valve island field module Type 8653 AirLINE Field makes an important contribution to decentralised automation, without the requirement of a control cabinet.

Discover just how easy it is to combine our wide range of components and integrate valve islands, control cabinets and process valves into an automation system that is fit-for-purpose for your production facility.

The advantages:

  • Shorter distances than with a central solution save energy and operating costs
  • Compact solution with a control cabinet or stand-alone field module
  • Fast and simple integration due to compatibility with all common communication standards
  • The components are robust and safe to clean and therefore ideal for use in cleaning applications
When will you commit to the concept of distributed automation?

If the plant configuration demands densely arranged valves or plant sections need to be configured flexibly, distributed automation is the ideal solution for you. The individual components such as the control cabinet or field module and process valves are ideally matched, and this simplifies the planning and engineering work required thanks to their intrinsic compatibility and the fact that the whole platform is pre-calibrated. Extending the solution is always a quick and easy option.

Guarantee process reliability and product quality

Is fast switching the most important thing for you? The innovative Bürkert valve islands AirLINE Field can be installed directly next to the process. Due to the smaller pneumatic distances, your valves switch faster and you also save on compressed air and energy. Distributed control enables you to quickly and accurately identify faults and to switch off individual modules instead of the whole plant. This saves both time and money.

The benefits of distributed automation
1. Highest level of reliability for all plant processes

With Bürkert valve islands you always have a clear overview of the device status – for fast monitoring and diagnostics. Thanks to the redundant ring topology and protocols, your processes always run reliably and you avoid unwanted valve switching.

2. Extensive flexibility for your plant

Bürkert valve islands can be installed directly in the field since they adapt to various set-ups. Needless to say, they support all important fieldbus protocols and can be connected to the Bürkert device platform EDP.

3. Simple start-up and fast maintenance

The valve islands can be installed quickly and flexibly on the wall or on a standard rail. With a visual position indicator and a robust manual override, they are easy to operate and maintain: Rely on preventive and wear-optimised maintenance.

4. Well protected against corrosion and unauthorised access

Bürkert device solutions are compact and available as a control cabinet or a stand-alone field module. The components are robust, easy to clean and yet protected against unauthorised access.

The valve islands AirLINE allow valves to switch faster

They are easy to install, maintain and ensure reliable processes: The valve islands AirLINE reliably control process valves and other actuators, clearly show status and diagnostic information on the LC display and transmit this information to higher-level controllers. Check valves in the exhaust air ducts make sure there is no unplanned actuation due to pressure peaks. In short: The valve islands AirLINE guarantee maximum process reliability.

All Bürkert valve islands and pneumatic field modules are ideally matched and communicate reliably with each other. Due to this intrinsic compatibility, the amount of engineering effort needed for planning, installation and operation remains low.

  1. AirLINE Field can be connected to other higher-level controllers (PLCs) via the fieldbus gateway Type ME43 (stand-alone).
  2. AirLINE Field can be connected to other higher-level controllers (PLCs) via the valve island Type 8652.
Fast start-up, comprehensively documented

Fast response and delivery times, support and assembly services ensure efficient installation. The plug-and-play solutions can be configured quickly and easily, they are fully inspected and documented and thus allow for immediate start-up.

Are you unsure which automation solution creates the greatest benefit for your application? Contact us – we will be more than happy to help you.


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