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Climate change bodies welcome ‘Future Made in Australia’ Act

Solutions for Climate Australia and the Climate Action Network Australia have announced they welcome Prime Minister Albanese’s ‘Future Made in Australia’ Act.

In a joint announcement the two announced they believe the Act will provide funding and legislation that will support the growth of green manufacturing and industry

The two bodies believe the plan will reduce climate pollution and grow the nations economy

Director of Solutions for Climate Australia’s Dr Barry Traill said, “The world is moving on from polluting industries and this plan will help make sure Australia moves with it.”

Trail state the recent announcement is a huge deal in reducing climate pollution, he said “If this plan is delivered strategically and at scale, it will stimulate billions of dollars in private investment, good quality jobs, and see communities and ultimately the environment benefit.

In addition Trail stated the recent climate and eneegy projects occurring in Gladstone and the Hunter Valley are examples of jobs and communities making a transition to renewable energy rather than coal and gas.

Chief executive officer of Climate Action Network Australia’s Glen Klatovsky said:
“Making and enacting a plan for the global energy transition requires government leadership, and that’s why we’re happy to see the Albanese government putting their hand to the tiller.”

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