Cleaner, cooler air with the best in extraction tech


Australia’s harsh climate can be unforgiving, and when working in industrial environments, it is crucial to ensure adequate cooling and ventilation systems are in place. Whether it is an enclosed warehouse or factory setting, steel structures tend to amplify heat internally, contributing to worker fatigue. Hot air may also build up from machinery, and with nowhere to go it will become stagnant, creating the perfect environment for particle pollution.

Cooling systems are necessary to keep these workplaces safe, particularly in the warmer months, however installing robust ventilation can significantly assist in keeping temperatures down, and promote better quality air as it cycles through the internal space.

Additionally, installing ventilation fans to extract hot air from a building can help to mitigate this build-up, and reduce the level of cooling needed from air conditioners or evaporative coolers. The running cost of extraction fans are lower, and – if powerful enough – they can do the heavy lifting of keeping the environment at a safe temperature. 

Industrial ventilation can be approached in a number of different ways. For smaller spaces, opening a window might be enough to promote circulation, however larger warehouse or factory settings require further consideration. There are two types of mechanical ventilation that can be used in this instance – dilution ventilation and the local exhaust method.

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