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Clean TeQ collaborates with CSIRO to desalinate CSG water

Clean TeQ Holdings is furthering the development of its proprietary Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF) technology in collaboration with CSIRO.

The program will focus on the use of CIF for desalination for produced waters from coal seam gas with emphasis on the production of valuable by-products and the minimisation of waste.

The integration of distillation technology developed by CSIRO and evaporation technologies from other partners will be investigated in conjunction with CIF technology.

This program of works will extend the knowledge base underpinning the CIF technology that is being applied to the treatment of coal seam gas produced water by Associated Water, a joint venture between Clean TeQ and Nippon Gas.

The project is part of CSIRO's Water for a Healthy Country Flagship project. The project aims to develop science and technologies that improve social, economic and environmental outcomes for water. The key focus is on urban water, integrated water resources management, ecosystems and water resource assessment.

Peter Voigt, CEO Clean TeQ says: "The continuing development of proprietary CIF technology to include the reduction and application of the salt waste is critical for the sustainability of the water streams from the CSG industry.

"The ability to reuse the water at the site of extraction and recycle the salts for beneficial use is of immense use to the landholder. The final CIF technology package will be pre-eminent in the solution to the water issues of the CSG sector."

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