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Clamp testers

The drop-proof Hioki 3280-10F (RMS indicating) and Hioki 3280-20F (TRMS) clamp-on testers are available with the CT 6280 flexible coil option, allowing measurement in confined areas. The core jaws are suitable for conductors up to 33mm in diameter. Using the CT 6280, 130mm in diameter can be encircled.

The 3280-10F is suitable from frequencies from 50 to 60Hz, whereas the 3280-20F (TRMS) can be used from 40 to 1000Hz. Voltage range is from 4.2V to 600V DC; current range is from 42 to 1000A (up to 4200A with the CT 6280); resistance range is from 420 Ohm to 42 Megohm plus continuity buzzer.

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