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Civil security meets process industry for new solutions

ABB and civil security company Saab AB will collaborate on new solutions for the civil security market and process industries worldwide, in an effort to protect critical network infrastructure and data integrity for airports, utilities and the process industry.

ABB and Saab have a “unique combined expertise” in the areas of automation, electrical, telecom and security fields, according to ABB Australia. The new joint development will leverage this expertise and lead to further increased security and safety at critical industrial installations and municipal sites globally, said the company.

ABB and Saab will develop civil security solutions based on ABB’s Industrial Extended Automation System 800xA. These civil security solutions will use System 800xA’s information integration and visualisation features to provide critical information to operators in real-time, enabling them to respond quickly to potential threats.

System 800xA is a unified environment for the presentation of information to the operators; it presents information in context, to the right people at the right time from any point within the system, says ABB. The ABB/Saab developed security solutions will be available as an extension of System 800xA that will enhance its robust security features, or as standalone products.

“This is a very exciting collaboration. Saab’s expertise in robust communication and security is a great complement to our technical knowledge and expertise in the electrical and automation field,” said ABB vice president — open control systems, Erik Oja.

“Collaboration between ABB and Saab creates enormous opportunities to meet the demand for industrial and municipal security and safety; we look forward to offering our customers solutions that will provide an even higher level of availability and security for their operations.”

The collaboration will provide ABB with access to communication and security products and technologies, which will be complementary to ABB’s current product portfolio, while Saab will gain access to ABB’s products, customer base and global resources.

“This cooperation will give us a great opportunity to, together with ABB, address an exciting market with our expertise and our product portfolio” said Saab security executive vice president and head of marketing and sales, Michael Höglund.

Saab AB serves military defence and civil security products, services and solutions to a worldwide market.

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