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Cisco commits to IoT market

To demonstrate its ongoing commitment to the rapidly accelerating Internet of Things market, Cisco has outlined new investments that support Cisco's goals of developing innovation that contributes to the growth of the Internet of Things ecosystem.

"As the industrial space continues to become a more pervasive element of the Internet of Things, the operational rewards of securely making the right information available at the right time throughout the enterprise are even greater," says Rockwell Automation Chairman and CEO, Keith D. Nosbusch.

"That seamless integration of the enterprise, supply chain and plant is becoming the next wave of competitive differentiation. We support initiatives that help educate and certify the high-skilled people who are creating that integrated enterprise of the future."

Cisco's Internet of Things initiative is intended to accelerate creation and adoption of Internet of Things innovations in the market by helping to grow the startup ecosystem, technology partnerships and university research, with an initial focus on security, sensors, real-time analytics and applications.

Cisco's Internet of Things Group is a newly formed business unit that brings together existing internal teams working in adjacent fields, tasked with evolving and developing solutions for customers that provide connectivity for varied and disparate sources of data, machines and people.

This group will focus on developing vertical business solutions that connect the previously unconnected influx of networked sensors, devices and things that will enable the Internet of Things, transforming today's business processes into dynamic, intelligent, data driven and innovative business operations.

The Internet of Things Group will focus on the continued development of Cisco networking solutions that combine plant switching, plant routing, field networking, physical security and embedded networks used across several vertical markets, including discrete manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, defense, transportation, smart cities, sports & entertainment, energy, and machine-to-machine operations for service providers.

The Internet of Things Group is a formal consolidation of several existing initiatives within the company, including Cisco's Connected Industries, Connected Energy and Physical Security businesses.

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