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Cirprotec signs NHP as exclusive Australian distributor for surge protection

NHP has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Cirprotec for its range of surge and lightning protection products for Australia and New Zealand.

Cirprotec does strong business in the surge and lightning protection market in Spain from where it hails, NHP claims.

Cirprotec designs, engineers and manufactures its own products at its facility in Spain, which includes the CPT laboratory.

According to NHP, the CPT LAB is an important laboratory in the global surge generation market.

Cirprotec offers a range of lightning, surge and overvoltage protection products, which include DIN style surge diverters, high capacity (kA) surge diverters for incoming main switchboards and data and communication surge diverters for I/O and control applications.

Cirprotec provides surge protection for all types of applications, which include photovoltaic (PV) protection, wind power protection, telecom protection, industrial protection and water treatment plants.

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