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Cincom Control 2010 ERP Software enhanced

Cincom Systems announced the release of Cincom Control:2010, the latest version of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system with improvements in the software’s capability.

Unlike traditional ERP systems, Cincom Control: 2010 provides information tailored to each user’s needs. Real-time information about operations is provided so manufacturing business leaders can make decisions and quickly implement actions regarding key business metrics, such as:
• Overall cost control and margin
• Inventory management
• Working capital optimisation
• Risk mitigation
• Process improvement

“It seems apparent that the orientation of ERP systems is fundamentally changing. They’re no longer structured for specific departmental tasks, with a set of related data maintenance and reporting functions. Instead, they’re organized by roles that may span multiple departments and processes. These role-based functions deliver lots of information and facilitate collaboration with other employees or external entities such as customers or suppliers,” said Jim Shepherd, vice president, Gartner in “Are ERP Systems Finally Evolving from Process Support to Decision Support?” published in June 2009.

Cincom Control: 2010 is built within a .NET infrastructure making ongoing IT support and maintenance less expensive. Cincom’s implementation process helps clients manage implementation costs.

“When we implemented the 2005 version of Cincom Control, we ended up being surprised that after only three months we saw a 20% productivity improvement in both procurement and material management,” says Bill Heiselman, vice president Supply Chain Operations, Harris Corporation. “We’re currently evaluating Control: 2010 for possibly even more productivity gains.”

Cincom Control: 2010 includes the Business Activity Monitor, a communication conduit that presents each business role with a status of how they are performing in real time. Similar to an automotive dashboard, the Business Activity Monitor, one of six key upgrades, focuses on the critical pieces of information that determine success or failure. Unlike an automotive dashboard, however, the business dashboard provides a navigation tool tailored to the duties of a specific role.

“Our goal is to provide everyone in a manufacturing operation — regardless of their role in it — with the essential information they need to stop problems early,” says Mike Gauthier, product director, Cincom Control. “If you don’t receive the information in real time or have to dig for it, then by the time you receive the information, the problem has already started to fester. This can negatively impact your supply chain and customer fulfilment processes.”

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