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Chips integrate EtherCAT

Renesas and HMS Industrial Networks presented new chips with integrated EtherCAT technology at SPS IPC Drives 2012 in Germany.

The two companies are members of the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG).

“In addition to its position as the world’s largest supplier of microcontrollers, Renesas is also well known as a manufacturer and marketer of special Industrial Ethernet chips,” says Martin Rostan, Executive Director of the EtherCAT Technology Group.

He added: “Now Renesas integrates Industrial Ethernet interfaces into the company’s own developments – and begins this with EtherCAT.”

HMS Industrial Networks, a specialist in the field of industrial communication, announced new chips with integrated EtherCAT interfaces at the ETG conference.

EtherCAT interfaces themselves were part of the HMS product range long ago. “With the integration into the company’s chips another major provider of network components underlines the importance of EtherCAT,” said Martin Rostan.

“The new EtherCAT chips from Renesas and HMS clearly show that EtherCAT is on its way to becoming the mainstream interface – beyond the automation industry as well.”

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