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Chinese inspection machine maker fined for false advertising

Chinese metrology machine maker, Dongguan Jiateng Instrument Co. and it’s owner Peng Xiong‐liang have been fined for falsely advertising that Jaten metrology inspection machines included Navitar trademarked video microscope lenses as components.

According to a statement by Navitar, Dongguan Jiateng Instrument Co. was fined 20,000 RMB ($3,434) by the local Dongguan China Bureau of Administration for Industry & Commerce for the advertising which appeared on its website, advertisements, and brochures.

Navitar also announced their attorneys in China have recently enlisted the help of local Province AIC offices to take action against additional local Chinese metrology machine makers that are also engaging in false print and online advertising by stating their metrology machines include Navitar lenses, when they do not.

Navitar, Inc.’s President, Julian Goldstein, explained, “Navitar, Inc. has a long history of vigorously protecting its intellectual property rights in China and other countries.

“Navitar will bear any financial burden and take any steps necessary, at any cost, to protect the integrity of our company and brand name; to safeguard our dealers, distribution channels, and above all, protect our true and loyal customers.”

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