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China trade opportunities on show in Sydney

More than 2,000 people, including
representatives of almost 900 Australian businesses have met with Chinese
producers at Sydney’s Huizhou Products Expo.

With nearly 100 Chinese
participants, this was the biggest Chinese Trade Delegation to visit Australia
since the signing of the declaration of intent for the China Australia Free
Trade Agreement.

The delegation was led by one of
China’s top political leaders, Hu Chunhua,
the Premier of Guangdong province. He was officially welcomed by New
South Wales Premier Mike Baird at an Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference
in Sydney, which was staged immediately prior to the opening of the Huizhou
Products Expo.

According to Huizhou Products
Expo director Cindy Xin, the pending conclusion of the China Australian Free
Trade Agreement has proved a positive for business.

“Since the announcement of the
China Australia Free Trade Agreement, Chinese interest in doing business with
Australia has increased enormously,” she said.

“Chinese companies view Australia
as an important market because there is great cooperation at a government level
between the two nations; but also because Australia is viewed as a very strong
market in which Chinese producers develop their brands to suit a western

“The exhibitors at the Huizhou
Products Expo are all looking for long-term relationships in Australia and are
willing to negotiate excellent terms with new customers.”

This trade visit and expo comes
just days after the Chinese Government announced its “Made in China 2025”
policy initiative. The policy is aimed at developing China’s hi-tech
capabilities to the point where it will rival current powerhouse economies such
as Germany and Japan.

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