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China certifies Rockwell’s safety products

Rockwell Automation received the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) mark for a majority of its safety product lines.

The CCC helps OEMs that are building machines and systems for the fast-growing Chinese market to incorporate

safety control systems that meet local product licensing requirements. It is assigned to the product and the factory that produced it.

The Rockwell Automation CCC certified safety product lines include cable pull switches (Lifeline), monitoring

safety relays (MSR) and safety switches (Elf, Cadet 3, Trojan, MT-GD2, TLS, Spartan, 440G-MT and Atlas5). These products are manufactured at the company’s facilities in Germany, the Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom.

Rockwell Automation is pursuing certification for other safety product lines, including noncontact interlock switches and additional safety relays.

The completion by Rockwell Automation of the extensive, five-step application process took about nine months and included several applications with supporting technical materials, product testing and factory inspections.

Other CCC certified products include motor control centers, contactors and accessories, circuit breakers, smart

motor controllers, electronic overload relays, pushbuttons and indicators, and the control relay 700 series.

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