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Chicago Pneumatic launches toughest ever range of portable compressors

International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched Red Rock: its toughest ever range of portable air compressors. All models come equipped with incredibly durable polyethylene canopies as standard, in addition to being lightweight and astonishingly quick to service, making them ideal for extended periods of use in the most challenging and rugged construction sites around the world.

Manu Claes, spokesperson for portable compressors at Chicago Pneumatic commented, “With the Red Rock range, our portable compressors have taken a massive leap forward in durability. To show just how tough the canopies are, we threw everything at them, from bricks to logs, and are happy to say they passed the test with flying colours.

“As a result, operators can rest assured the compressors are highly protected, ensuring performance over time and increased longevity.”

The use of polyethylene canopies makes the Red Rock compressors remarkably lightweight, with all models weighing in at less than 750 kg, and therefore can be easily towed by a standard passenger car. The compact design of the new compressors means that they take up less space on site, and can be transported on a single truck. Two models in the range come with a built in generator as standard, and still weigh below the 750 kg mark.

For added peace of mind, Red Rock compressors are very easy to maintain: with a simple to follow process ensuring that service takes a matter of minutes, not hours. No special tools are required, and the compressors only require a simple service every 500 hours or once per year.

Available in working pressures between 7-12 bar, and flow ranges between 2-5 m3/min, the new Red Rock range will feature 10 models.

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