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Chevron to use Wonderware mobile workforce support system

Invensys Operations Management has signed a contract with Chevron to provide its Wonderware IntelaTrac mobile workforce and decision-support system.

The mobile solution will support Chevron’s upstream operations with configurable software and mobile hardware solutions that are designed to enable workers to better manage workflow, procedural and general management.

The mobile solution focuses on plant, production and field operations, maintenance management, production, inventory and logistics tracking and compliance applications.

Invensys will provide the IntelaTrac solution to assist operators, field engineers, technicians and supervisors in creating inspection and regulatory procedures.

It also will assign, schedule and execute rounds and report findings that are prioritised based on the level of severity of the issue.

Chevron has been using Invensys solutions since the early 1990s for its downstream operations to standardise refinery process steps and deliver decision support to field workers.

Invensys solutions currently deployed at Chevron include Triconex safety systems, Wonderware IntelaTrac, Wonderware InTouch human-machine interface, Wonderware System Platform, Wonderware Historian and Wonderware ActiveFactory, a trending, analysis and reporting application.

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