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Chevron JV to offer contracts worth $12.8 billion to local business

The expected long life of projects like Gorgon and Wheatstone should provide ongoing service and maintenance opportunities for Western Australia’s local industry for the next 30 to 40 years.

“The State Government supports locally-based businesses receiving full, fair and reasonable opportunity to participate in the resources market, and we seek feedback from international proponents such as the Chevron joint venture on their performance,” said WA Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien.

“This company’s campaign to highlight the economic and social benefits generated by its local operations is welcome news and it is important for both the public and Parliament to appreciate the full range of positive outcomes being generated by major investments in WA.

Chevron has commited to sourcing locally where economically feasible. The Joint Venture will source $12.8 billion locally relating to the Gorgon project.

The recently commenced Wheatstone development has already resulted in almost $4 billion of contracts going to Australian suppliers – $3.2 billion of this with WA companies.

“Local activity has been stimulated by an extensive range of contracts covering areas including upstream construction, platform engineering, inspection services and logistics," said O’Brien..

“It should also be remembered that these projects don’t just have longevity but are responsible for significant upfront investment.

Research and development; WA-based companies being promoted in other markets; and regional and community support, including indigenous initiatives, were other major contributions these projects made to the State.

O’Brien encouraged other proponents to follow Chevron’s lead in presenting the public with a more complete and factual picture of its investment locally.

“Resource development is and will remain the centrepiece of WA’s economy and the Government will continue to support the outcomes highlighted in this campaign,” he said.

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