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Champion Compressors technicians now carrying electronic service histories

Champion Compressors service technicians in Australia are now equipped with a customised wireless hand-held Electronic Service Device (ESD) tool, allowing them to record and access individual service history for each customer.

The ESD is an all-in-one, portable servicing tool, which allows technicians to keep a comprehensive electronic job service history, access service and stock data while on site, as well as track and trend the operation of the customer’s entire compressed-air system.

This new initiative is designed to streamline Champion Compressor’s servicing process and provide industry with important insight into the state of their compressed-air systems.

According to Champion Compressors national service manager, Daryl Edwards, the new ESD simplifies the task of maintaining industry’s compressed-air systems to a high standard.

“The web-browsing capability of the new ESDs means that once on-site, technicians can call up service records, historical performance data and job-specific notes via a secure online database,” he said.

“Once the service has been carried out, the customer service record can be updated by logging the performance data of the system, parts used and job-specific notes. Finally, a detailed electronic service report is automatically generated and sent to the customer via email.”

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