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Certified Profibus training being offered in November

Three internationally recognised Profibus courses – Certified Installer course, Certified Engineers course, and the Profibus Commissioning and Maintenance course – will be conducted by the lecturer, Andy Verwer, ex Principal Lecturer, Department of Engineering and Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, now instructing as Verwer Training.

The one-day hands-on Certified Profibus Installer Course is an internationally-accredited one-day course and covers the layout, installation and testing of Profibus DP and PA networks. Course intake is limited to 12 people per group and is suitable for all engineers and technicians involved in the planning and installation of fieldbus networks. The course focuses on Profibus and no previous knowledge of fieldbus systems is required.

The Commissioning and Maintenance course (1 day) teaches students how to use a modern Class 1 / 2 master, analyser and oscilloscope to commission and verify devices, and to health check working networks. The Installer course must be completed before undertaking this course.

The three-day Certified Profibus Engineers Course is the flagship qualification from Profibus International. It covers the detailed operation of Profibus networks and includes all aspects of the DP and PA protocols (DPV0 and DPV1). The certified Installer course, and the Commissioning and Maintenance courses are pre-requisites for the Engineers course.

The courses commence: Perth: 1 November, Melbourne: 8 November and Brisbane: 15 November.

The local Australian Profibus Training website contains further information on the course content, costs, venues, dates and booking information.

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