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Certified fresh and capable

Citect’s Global Customer Support Center has achieved recertification under the prestigious Service Capability & Performance (SCP), for the third consecutive year.

Citect achieved recertification after an extensive audit of their Customer Support Centre based at the company’s global headquarters in Sydney. The standard, which is administered by Service Strategies Corporation, quantifies the effectiveness of customer service / support and is based on a stringent set of performance standards that represent industry best practice.

“Citect’s Customer Support Center has an ongoing priority to deliver high quality support to our global customers. Citect’s certification under SCP for the 3rd consecutive year is a demonstration of our commitment to excellence in customer support and continuous improvement,” said Bernard Morgan, Citect Global Support Director.

The SCP is part of a suite of service capability and performance standards designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of technology service operations. A consortium of leading technology companies, along with the Association for Services Management International and Service Strategies Corporation, created the internationally recognised standards.

“By passing the rigorous requirements necessary to achieve SCP Certification, Citect has made it clear they are committed to delivering world-class support / service to their customers,” said Gordy Stauffer, SCP Auditor. “During the SCP audit, Citect demonstrated a clear commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.”

Citect joins the ranks of other leading technology companies that have achieved the prestigious and sought-after SCP Certification, including EMC Corporation, Lockheed Martin Incorporated, GE Healthcare, Nokia and Sage Software among others. Currently, more than 200 technology support organisations around the world participate in the SCP program.

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