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Ceramicised silicon IEC compliant offshore control cables

German company Hradil Spezialkabel has released the new HB44 offshore control cable in a wide range of configurations from 3 x 1.5mm to 36 x 1.5mm. 

Customised configurations such as 2 x 2 x 0.75mm are available upon request. Hradil has replaced commonly used mica tape with special ceramicised silicom, allowing the flame-retardant, halogen-free and non-hygroscopic special compound to be inserted into the cable by means of pressure extrusion. 

All cable cores and shieldings are completely embedded so that all capillary spaces within the cable are filled. Regardless of the cable length and the type and pressure of gas, combustible gases can no longer flow into or spread within the cable. 

Hradil’s HB44 offshore control cables are suitable for applications with extremely high explosion protection requirements, such as in the petrochemical industry or for maritime applications, especially in the offshore sector. Hradil’s HB44 provides manufacturers and suppliers with proof of complete compliance with IEC 60079-14. The new Hradil HB44 offshore control cables are readily available in lengths of 200 meters or more.

The new Hradil HB44 offshore control cables not only fulfil the traditional requirements for cables used in explosive areas in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal loads, but also in terms of zone entrainment. This means that Hradil’s HB44 offshore control cables are fully comply with IEC 60079-14, providing suppliers and manufacturers with proof of compliance with the IEC 60079-14.

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