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Cement industry can reduce plant downtimes

Siemens has equipped version 7.1 of its Cemat process control system for the cement industry and associated sectors with multiple new functions. An enhanced signaling and diagnostics concept is designed to reduce plant downtimes as well as operating and maintenance costs, thus increasing plant availability and productivity.

Cemat is based on the current version 7.1 of Simatic PCS 7 and offers all the performance features and functions of the process control system, such as APC (Advanced Process Library) and Alarm Control.

Alarm Control is a freely-configurable signalling system integrated in the operator system for effective message display and processing. Interrupts can be individually filtered, for example, or they can be exported for better analysis of critical plant states.

Of the new maintenance functions, it is the web-client diagnostic information via Web Server for the easy transmission of maintenance data via LAN, SMS or email which takes center stage.

Other new functions of the Cemat version 7.1 include the listing of by-passed process signals, the display of corresponding groups and routes for all process objects and object-granular alarm acknowledgement. In addition, the faceplates and trend views have been reworked.

Another new feature is the tracking of signals and signal state values across block boundaries, which allows the operator to react quickly to potential errors. The latest Cemat version is compatible with all previous Cemat versions since version 1.8 going back to the year 1978.

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