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CellCube allows flexible utilisation of electricity generated by solar power plants and wind turbines

For years, the stumbling block for making renewable energy practical and dependable has been how to store electricity when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing.

But with new technologies this goal is now within reach. Gildemeister Energy Solutions (a DMG company) has developed the innovative CellCube, a powerful, durable and low maintenance vanadium redox flow large scale storage solution following many years of research.

“The Australian market is ready for a storage solution, that’s what everybody has been waiting for,” said Neil Buchan, Sales Support Team Leader at DMG/Mori Seiki, at the recently held All-Energy exhibition in Melbourne.

"The show is a good opportunity for us to show our new product range, including our solutions to generate renewable energy, the WindCarrier and SunCarrier systems.”

The energy store CellCube allows independent and flexible utilisation of the electricity generated by solar power plants and wind turbines, thus serving as an uninterrupted power supply, even in the dark and when there is no wind.

“The battery system ensures a clean, emission-free and fast energy supply at all times,” added Nash Dhruve, Finance Controller at DMG/Mori Seiki, who has largely been involved in organising the company’s stand at the All-Energy exhibition.

“The system is very reliable and allows stable storage and very fast reaction times. The CellCube can be incorporated into everyday energy systems, which makes it suitable for remote operations in Australia, who need to be – or want to be – independent of local council grids.”

CellCube is suitable for small businesses, SMEs as well as large corporations in the mining industry, or as a reliable energy storage and supply for telecommunication networks in regions without a grid or with unstable grids.

Nash added that now was the time to invest in renewable energy, as the government is supporting companies with a $800,000 grant.

“Every dollar spent by companies is matched by the government, which makes the CellCube system very affordable with a payback period of only 3-4 years,” he said. “Considering the product comes with a lifelong warranty, the return on investment is very attractive!”

The federal government is providing a range of assistance measures to small businesses as a part of its Clean Energy Future program. The Clean Energy Technology Program provides grants for businesses and manufacturers to invest in energy efficiency initiatives.

DMG/Mori Seiki invites all companies interested in the grant and how it works to contact the team, who are happy to help and assist with all necessary information and paperwork.

“We want to create partnerships with our customers and help them apply for the government grant, which can be a very complicated procedure,” Nash explains. “We don't only sell a product, but provide total solutions.

We know that applying for government assistance is a really complex process, so we take the paperwork off our customers who decide to invest in renewable energy solutions such as the CellCube.”

However, providing such assistance and complete solutions to customers wasn’t possible without the backend support in the DMG/Mori Seiki offices, President Stefan Weiwadel emphasises.

Neil, a fitter and turner by trade, and Nash have been with the company for more than six years, providing financial support, accounting, quotations or logistics services to the team, while Stephanie Hansford, Accounts and Sales Support Executive at DMG/Mori Seiki, makes sure she pulls the right strings to steer the team into one direction.

Since March this year she has also been responsible for marketing and trade show support, and played a major role in organising the company’s participation in the All-Energy exhibition.

Paul McDermott, National Product/Agent Manager at DMG/Mori Seiki Australia, Stefan Weiwadel, President,Stephanie Hansford, Accounts and Sales Support Executive, and Nash Dhruve, Finance Controller.

Pictured above (L-R): Paul McDermott (National Product/Agent Manager at DMG/Mori Seiki Australia); Stefan Weiwadel (President); Stephanie Hansford (Accounts and Sales Support Executive) and Nash Dhruve (Finance Controller).

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