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Celebrating the achievements of women in industry

Women are consistently achieving greatness and excelling in their chosen fields within the mining, engineering, manufacturing and process control industries and we think their talent should be acknowledged. 

Manufacturers’ Monthly has teamed up with Australian Mining and PACE to acknowledge women who have achieved success through their invaluable leadership, innovation and commitment to their sector. 

The only awards program of its kind to encompass mining, manufacturing and engineering, it also encourages the industrial world to raise the profile of women working in the differing sectors by embracing diversity and flagging clear paths for the next generation to follow. 

Editor-in-chief of Cirrus Media’s industrial publications, Cole Latimer, said the program was important in recognising the contributions being made to the changing face of industry. 

To nominate, just head to and follow the prompts.


Platinum Sponsor: Pacific Merchandising
After the success of the 2014 inaugural Women in Industry Awards, Pacific Merchandising has upped its commitment to the event.

The company is the Platinum Sponsor for 2015. 

Recognising excellence amongst women in male dominated industries is a great way to provide inspiration and leadership for change. Pacific Merchandising looks forward to wonderful entries from some of the innovative women out there in the field. 

Pacific Merchandising is an experienced industry specialist supplier of promotional merchandising to Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction and Transport and Australian Trade Unions. 

A one-stop shop with expert help from sourcing to art design, decoration to manufacture, and gift packaging to freighting, the company specialises in leading global brands and wholly Australian craftsman designed and manufactured goods, such as custom belt buckles (and key rings).

Excellence in Mining: MMD Australia
Mining Machinery Developments Australia (MMD Australia) is a designer and manufacturer of material processing equipment used in varied types of surface and underground mining operations worldwide. 

In particular, MMD extended the technology of mineral degradation with the original development of low profile high capacity compact sizing machines in 1978. 

MMD Australia is an equal opportunity employer which encourages women to join, not only the mining industry, but the varied industry sectors in Australia and abroad. 

Today the company celebrates the excellence women bring to our environment and encourage all similar organisations to join it.

Excellence in Engineering: ABB Australia
ABB is one of the world’s leading power and automation engineering companies. It provides solutions for secure, energy-efficient generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, and for increasing productivity in industrial, commercial and utility operations. 

Ultimately, the company helps customers meet their challenges with minimum environmental impact and with safety and quality as the highest priority. 

ABB’s portfolio ranges from light switches to robots for painting cars or packing food, and from huge electrical transformers to control systems that manage entire power networks, mining operations and factories. 

Its products and solutions serve a number of industries including mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, paper, transport, marine, consumer, automotive and building industries. 

Employing 145,000 people across 100 countries, including nearly 2000 people in Australia, ABB understands what it means to provide a workplace that is career enriching and culturally safe. 

The company encourages individualism, values diversity and understands that culture forms part of everything it does. 

ABB in Australia is proud to support the Women in Industry awards and to recognise and acknowledge the value of a diverse workforce. 

The company looks forward to playing its part at the event and wishes the best of luck to all participants.

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