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Catch the Next Wave of Engineering: Automate Your Engineering Data

Streamline Your Product Development Process with
Engineering 4.0

teams spend countless hours answering requests for information and recreating
drawings across the organization. This lost productivity disrupts the product
development team and lengthens design cycles. The next engineering paradigm
extends design data to downstream departments in the right format at the right
time; resulting in a more efficient product development process.

Engineering 4.0
is the next wave of product development where engineering data is automatically
updated and delivered to departments that need it; resulting in increased
productivity, improved process efficiency, lower costs and higher quality

The SOLIDWORKS® suite of 3D design solutions enables you to
automatically deliver your engineering data to the right people, in the right
format, at the right time.

the infographic to learn about the next revolution in engineering, including a
look back at how far we’ve come.

the on–demand webinar to learn about the next big change in product
development: extending design data from engineering to downstream departments –
and the benefits to be gained.

the feature article to learn how SOLIDWORKS software can help you:

  • Make your
    development and engineering process more efficien
  • Improve the
    productivity of your engineers
  • Extend
    engineering data into the enterprise and supply chain

Get started now and add SOLIDWORKS solutions to your design process.

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