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Cast polyamide

Cut To Size Plastics now has available the Wearlon family of cast polyamides from the international manufacturer of engineering plastics Licharz.

According to the company, hard-wearing cast polyamide is increasingly used to cost-efficiently fabricate industrial castors, pallet rollers, flanged and grooved wheels and idler wheels on materials handling machinery, indoor conveyor vehicles and transport wagons as an alternative to metals and rubber.

The material’s low weight, low friction and resulting ease of handling means polyamide wheels and rollers have less damaging or marking impact on floors, plus being resistance to chemicals means they stand up well for use in laboratories, hazardous storage and production areas in many industries.

The Wearlon family of polyamides is suitable for OEM use and metal replacement in applications including manufacturing and process engineering, mining and energy, oil and gas, transport and construction, food, beverage and primary production and water and wastewater.

Able to operate in humid and wet environments, and in extreme temperatures, the material can be economically fabricated in almost any size.

Specific formulations of polyamides are available for wheels and rollers which are said to offer a high degree of durable elasticity that ensures any flat spots which develop under static load become quickly and reliably round again. In this way, vibration-free running can be achieved after a very short distance.

Extreme Pressure (EP) wheels can also be fabricated from polyamide, performing best when used in clean application where foreign matter or material is not lying on the floor or track.

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