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Carrier cards for data-intensive, high bandwidth applications

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Acromag has announced the OpenVPX Carrier, a mezzanine carrier card that provides a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing a PMC or XMC module to a VPX computer system. By inserting PMC or XMC industrial I/O and available function modules currently unavailable in a VPX platform.

Connect to the OpenVPX via expansion plane for a direct PCle connection over the VPX backplane. This allows host processors access to a high-performance, low latency interconnect to the PMC and XMC modules on the carrier card.

The PMC sites uses 32/64-bit, PLX technology with a PCle to PCI-X bridge; while the XMC site enables rapid data throughput with its use of an 8-lane PCle Gen 2 interface, supporting front or rear panel I/O.

Compatible VITA 65 module/slot profiles are:

  • MOD6-PER-1Q-12.3.5-1 Expansion Plane PCle Gen1
  • MOD6-PER-1Q-12.3.5-2 Expansion Plane PCle Gen2

Features include:

  • Holds two PMC/XMC modules
  • PCle bus 16-lane Gen 1 or 2 switch on expansion plane
  • Air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions
  • Connects to OpenVPX via Expansion plane
  • Support for upstream/downstream
  • Optional backplane configuration for one 16-lane port, two 8-lane ports, or four 4-lane ports
  • Supports front or rear panel PMC/XMC I/O
  • Monitors FRU information and module temperature
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