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Carbon Tax: What the media said . . .

In general, the mining and manufacturing industries have come out strongly against the carbon tax but there is support from unexpected quarters. We round up opinions from across Australia, and overseas.

"Australia’s $50 billion coal industry has slammed the Gillard government’s carbon tax, arguing the details announced yesterday would see the sector pay $18 billion over the next nine years, with minimal assistance compared with other industries." The Australian Business

"The main weaknesses of the package appear to be that it overcompensates business and provides industry- or technology-specific assistance to politically favoured groups." The Australian Financial Review 

"Business groups including the Australian Industry Group, which represents manufacturers, expressed concern about the potential impact of the tax but the two big steel makers, BlueScope and OneSteel said the package was sensible and pragmatic." The Sydney Morning Herald

"She [Prime Minister Julia Gillard] said the tax would never be applied to gasoline despite transport being Australia’s third-largest and fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions." The Washington Post

"Australian retail and clean energy stocks were expected to be among the plan’s winners, and airlines and miners among the losers, but analysts said financial markets overall were likely to take the policy in their stride." The Guardian

”Australian Coal Association director Ralph Hillman: You are going to see probable growth in mining further west in Queensland and New South Wales and you are going to see the existing mining centres in the Hunter and Illawarra losing jobs and having mines close.” The Age

"BlueScope boss Paul O’Malley endorsed the package in principle, and made a personal commitment to the steelmaker remaining in Australia." Illawara Mercury

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