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Carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature sensors from ADM

ADM Instrument Engineering introduces the GTH03, a new range of 3-in-1 carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity transmitters from EYC.

Designed for use in various environmental monitoring applications such as air quality monitoring, HVAC systems, mine and tunnel warning systems and greenhouses, the GTH03 sensors feature a non-dispersive infrared carbon dioxide sensor, and an integrated CMOS temperature and humidity sensor.

Key features of the GTH03 carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature sensors include a backlit LCD module with double line characters for easy-to-read display; and voltage and Modbus output options for simple integration into the control system.

Measuring range for CO2: 0-2000 PPM/0-5000 PPM; Temperature: 0°C – 50°C; and Humidity: 0-100%.

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