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CAPS lends expertise to SA Water project

CAPS Australia has lent its expertise to the landmark Glenelg to Adelaide Park Lands Recycled Water project which will replace billions of litres of drinking water previously used for irrigation and significantly reduce treated waste water levels in the Gulf St Vincent.

The $76million joint initiative between the South Australian and Federal Governments has capacity to supply up to 5.5 billion litres of high quality recycled water annually, providing a sustainable long-term solution for irrigating the Adelaide parklands and city gardens.

CAPS Australia worked closely with the CityGreen Alliance partners Guidera O’Connor and design engineers at United Water and supplied two 22 kW Robuschi Evolution blower packages in duty and standby configuration to provide reliable oil-free air supply for air scour and two ultrafiltration membrane units.

SA sales manager Kevin Jones said CAPS Australia was a proud partner in this significant infrastructure project and had the expertise to provide optimum solutions for any low pressure or compressed air application for the water and waste water treatment industry.

"CAPS assembled the blower packages in our Adelaide workshop incorporating the specific requirements for pressure and temperature instrumentation on the discharge air, for remote monitoring, as per project specifications," Jones said.

"The Glenelg to Adelaide Park Lands Recycled Water project is yet another example where CAPS has worked successfully with water treatment contractors, consulting and design engineers and water authorities around Australia."

The project was delivered more than four months ahead of schedule by the CityGreen Alliance, comprising SA Water, United Water, Leed Engineering and Construction, Leighton Services and Guidera O’Connor.

Key elements of the project included:

* A new waste water treatment plant (WWTP)
* Recycled water storage tanks and pump station
* An eight kilometre main underground pipeline from Glenelg to the parklands
* A 24-kilometre underground pipeline network around the parklands, incorporating North Adelaide and the CBD

The water recycling process consists of treating the waste water from the existing Glenelg WWTP using the latest ultrafiltration membrane technology and further treatment with ultraviolet and chlorine disinfection to ensure the water is safe and of very high quality to meet rigorous Australian guidelines.

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