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Capacitive displacement sensor system

capacitive displacement

Bestech Australia has introduced the capaNCDT 6110, a compact single-channel system capable of thickness, coordinates, level, tilt and vibration measurements. It consists of a capacitive displacement sensor and controller and can be used for automation, test bench construction, laboratories, semiconductor production and more.

It is also adaptable for OEM applications – linearity, resolution, digital interface, cable length, housings, and measuring range can be customised to suit specific applications. The analogue or digital single channel system is easy to use and stands out due to its compact design and high performance at low cost.

Key features:

  • Compact and robust design
  • Strong temperature stability
  • Nanometer repeatability
  • Any conductive target
  • 24V (9 – 36V) power supply
  • Resolution (static): 0.01 per cent full scale
  • Resolution (dynamic): 0.015 per cent full scale
  • Linearity: <0.01 per cent full scale
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