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Canadian workplace safety programs come to Australia

The Brisbane arm of SAFEmap International has launched its DELTA Safety Values Program which offers techniques to change the “safety culture” in workplaces.

Recently-appointed Australasian managing director, Dave Olive, said SAFEmap has been the industry leader in behavioural-based safety programs for the past decade.

“Our Canadian-based chief executive officer Corrie Pitzer said the DELTA Program will assist companies in their quest to raising the bar and obtaining positive safety cultures in Australia,” he said.

“To celebrate the launch of DELTA Safety Values Program we are offering companies in the Asia Pacific region a significant discount if they sign up prior to 30 June 2009.”

The DELTA safety program has been developed over various years, with the developer claiming it is now more important than ever for companies to be safe since the worsening global financial crisis took hold.

Companies including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Nestlé have used DELTA Safety Values Programs in their operations.

Olive said that there is an obvious need to ensure we have a workforce that is “risk competent”, meaning people who can adjust to the new challenges and positively meet them head-on.

“One of the many benefits of the DELTA Program is that it can be obtained through an ‘organisation’ or ‘site’ license fee and is designed to be easily delivered by internal staff, supervisors or managers,” he said.

“The cost for DELTA is minimal; the impact of DELTA is immense! This safety values program focuses on winning the hearts and minds of people and gains their commitment.

“Remembering that safety excellence is a vehicle for business success and now more than ever companies have to ensure accidents do not happen and their people are focussed on the tasks at hand.”

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