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CAN components now with DNV approval

Phoenix Contact offers the infrastructure
components for data transmission via the CANopen and DeviceNet protocol with
DNV approval.

The DNV approval allows converters,
repeaters, segment couplers and bridges based on fibre optic technology to be
used in shipbuilding and offshore applications, enabling important requirements
such as segmentation, network expansion and electrical isolation to be
implemented. Almost any network structure is therefore possible.

Transmission media such as modem
or DSL paths, wireless connections or Ethernet networks can be used as an
alternative. Even different data rates in both segments are not a problem.

Fibre optic technology is used
in applications with high demand on availability, and is particularly
advantageous in the maritime sector for reasons such as insensitivity to
electromagnetic interference and automatic electrical isolation, eliminating
the need for complex surge protection as well as shielding and equipotential
bonding concepts.

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