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Calix Australia acquires Inland Environmental Resources

Australian technology company Calix Limited has acquired Inland Environmental Resources, a distributor of magnesium hydroxide (MHL) products and other innovative environmentally-friendly process water and wastewater treatment chemicals and equipment.

Phil Hodgson, Calix Australia’s managing director and CEO, said that, due to rapid urbanisation and development, and increasing environmental pressure on industrial emissions, there is an emerging trend for safe, sustainable solutions to prevent odour, protect existing and new infrastructure, and improve wastewater treatment performance.

“Water and wastewater management is a challenge that can threaten vital waterways, with impacts on health and environment. IER’s values perfectly align to Calix’s goal of creating solutions that solve global sustainability challenges. Calix’s ACTI-Mag for example, is aimed at improving the sustainability of water treatment,” Hodgson said.

Through this acquisition, Calix will be looking to drive top-line revenue growth in the US through expansion in existing geographies with more than a thousand municipal wastewater authorities across the nine US states where IER operates, introducing Calix’s odour control, phosphate removal, and fat/oil/grease (FOG) control solutions into these states, as well as expanding into new geographies and markets through the benefits offered by Calix’s ability to stabilise MHL and improve its performance.

Doug Kelley, President of IER, said, in most cases, the environmental solution to a problem is also the most cost-effective.

“To this end, IER offers more than 100 years of combined experience in the areas of municipal and industrial wastewater and process water treatment. IER shares Calix’s passion to provide their uniquely stable and reactive MHL products for further growth into our primary North American markets, and to expand the applications of these high-quality, environmentally friendly technologies into new markets,” he said.

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