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Californian machine processes water into wine

A US invention known as the Miracle Machine promises to transform everyday liquids into wine in just three days.

Developed by wine experts in California, the machine is allegedly capable of making a number of different styles of wine including chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon for as little as two US dollars per bottle, the Daily Mail reports.

In order to perform the somewhat biblical task of turning water into wine, the Miracle Machine needs only a sachet of ingredients, followed by the all-important decision of which style and type of wine you would prefer. The fermentation process can then be monitored via a smart phone app which will alert the user to when the wine is ready to consume.

The Miracle Machine was created by sommelier Kevin Boyer who is also the founder of the Napa Valley Boyanci winery, together with British entrepreneur Philip James, founder of wine site Lot18.

"Just like the Bible miracle, it literally turns water into wine, with just the addition of a few ingredients in a fraction of the time and cost it would normally take," explained Boyer.

The exact science behind the machine has remained a secret, however the founders say that the fermentation chamber uses electrical sensors, transducers, heaters and pumps ‘to provide a controlled environment for the primary and, as needed, secondary fermentation stages.' 

The Miracle Machine at this stage is only a prototype and both Boyer and James are looking for funding to produce more. Should the venture be a success, the pair estimates that the Miracle machine will retail for around US$500.

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