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Calibration perfection

Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG opens a new flowmeter calibration facility.

“We are in a position to satisfy even the highest customer requirements without any compromise whatsoever,” said CEO Dr Gerhard Jost at the ceremony marking the opening of the new facility in Reinach, Switzerland.

With uniform, high quality being an important goal, the new facility produces measurements that deviate no more than 0.015 % from the reference value.

Constant controls ensure that the high requirements on calibration accuracy are reliably satisfied.

Dr Jost said: “The new facility enables the Promass F Coriolis flowmeters we manufacture in Reinach to be calibrated accurately to the specified figure of 0.05% of reading, representing the very best internationally.”

This accuracy enables the company to cope with increasingly stringent customer requirements in future-oriented sectors such as life sciences, chemicals, foodstuffs and petrochemicals.

Throughout production, Endress+Hauser subjects all the components to rigorous checking. The assembled flowmeters are then tested, ‘wet’ calibrated and adjusted in state-of-the-art calibration facilities.

Calibration means that the flow indicated by a meter is compared with the reference value furnished by the calibration facility, and the meter is then adjusted accordingly. Customers are able to dependably measure and process costly raw materials and intermediate products, as well as comply with strict quality specifications and implement cost-effective process automation. This is particularly important for custody transfer applications, such as fuel loading.

All of Endress+Hauser’s flow calibration facilities are accredited by internationally approved authorities — including SAS, A2LA and CNAS — in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. Since all test resources are seamlessly traceable back to national standards, customers anywhere in the world can expect the same uniform high quality, be it in product quality or in field testing of their process facilities.

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