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Cable measurement solutions

Bestech Australia introduces the Burster System-2383 which composes of a clamping device (100kN clamping force for precision closing and reproducible comparative values for resistance; dead straight fixing of sample), an adjustable stand to physically correct distance for precise measurement with RTD sensor, and finally an automatic inspection instrument to display, store, send electrical resistance testing results for quality control.

In addition, the PC software comes with the clamping apparatus and systems offering many convenient functions to control, document and network your measurements.

Testing of cables is essential to manufacturers as it can optimise material use, reduce costs and assure the quality of finished production to meet customer requirements.

Features include:

• Cut probe measurement of stranded aluminium

• Works for pure or alloy aluminium

• Stranded copper measurement with same clamping device

• Easy measurement & control in the production process

• Evaluation and data protocol recording PC software

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