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Cable company joins processing industry

Having added two new industrial brands to its portfolio — Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation — Belden is now ramping-up its marketing to alert potential customers of its expanded manufacturing and process products portfolio.

Belden has typically been known for its signal transmission products for the industrial, enterprise, broadcast, and consumer electronics industries, however with the addition of its new industrial brands it has announced new integrated cable, active component and connectivity products for mission-critical industrial manufacturing environments.

Belden also now offers communications networking solutions for discrete, process and infrastructure applications at the systems and components level.

“Belden has integrated the Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation brands under the Belden umbrella, bringing fully-integrated solutions to the industrial marketplace,” said Belden global vice president — sales and marketing, Steve Biegacki.

“Hirschmann industrial switches and networking devices are known to perform well in extreme conditions including high temperature environments and where MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) is crucial.

“Lumberg Automation represents one of the top brands in industrial automation and connectivity, and Belden is the long-standing, global leader in industrial, networking and building management cabling technology.

“Together, this new family of Belden brands can provide industrial end-users and OEMs with complete, end-to-end solutions for Industrial Ethernet, supporting leading protocols like EtherNet/IP, and other automation applications that are critical to their operations.”

Belden is calling the combination of its brands ‘Complete Industrial Solutions’ for industrial Ethernet systems.

Key product lines include managed and unmanaged switches, networking connectivity components, copper and fiber optic cables, wireless LAN systems, and industrial network management software.

Key applications for Belden Complete Industrial Solutions include:

Processing Industries — Chemical, Food & Beverage, Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, etc.

Discrete Manufacturing — Automotive, Electronics, Industrial Equipment, Machine Tools, Packaging, etc.

Industrial Infrastructures — Airports, Bridges, Power Generation Plants, Shipyards, Tunnels, Utilities, Water Treatment Plants, etc.

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