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Burkert Academy expands its range of process industry courses

The Bürkert Academy has expanded its range of process industry courses and released its training calendar for 2014. 

The Academy will conduct courses in all state capitals and regional processing centres, on a monthly or bimonthly basis, throughout the year. Courses will be conducted in Bürkert’s training facilities, or can be arranged on-site to minimise delegate travel.

The Academy’s lead trainer, David Ray, will conduct standard courses as well as tailored programmes on-demand.

One of the new courses introduced in 2014 is a combination of the ‘Hygienic Processing’ course and specialist ‘Process Pneumatics & Control’ course, forming a full day intensive or three day master course.  Initially developed at the request of a specific customer, the course proved popular with food and beverage companies keen to elevate the skills of their teams.

Ray said that the Process Pneumatics course was very popular, as teams sought increased knowledge of modern pneumatics with integrated electronics and communications technologies. Another highlighted aspect was the ‘green’ movement in manufacturing and processing plants.

“Realistically speaking, it’s a combination of true environmental sentiment and financial pressures,” said Ray.  “With energy costs always rising, pneumatic air waste is the same as throwing money away – we’ve found companies are enthusiastically embracing training that will deliver practical benefit. The process pneumatics course teaches correct product selection, sizing, and set-up of pneumatic devices with the aim of reducing air wastage.”

Centred on product and process understanding, the Bürkert Academy operates as a separate department of Bürkert Fluid Control Systems. Courses are delivered by professional trainers, and are focused on practical product selection, commissioning, and trouble-shooting techniques within the wider process architecture.

With this training emphasis, benefits such as reduced downtime in manufacturing processes are made possible. The lead Bürkert Academy trainer, David Ray, has more than 20 years’ experience teaching in TAFE institutions and for private colleges. 

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