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Brooks Instrument incorporates FOUNDATION Fieldbus options

FOUNDATION fieldbus I/O communications options are now available for Brooks Instrument thermal mass flow meters, mass flow controllers, and pressure controllers.

FOUNDATION fieldbus is in growing in demand for the life sciences, chemical, petrochemical, and process industries. Brooks thermal mass flow controllers are the first and only devices of their kind to offer this important communications option.

FOUNDATION fieldbus is an all-digital, two-way communications technology for plant instrumentation. It enables devices to support better operations and maintenance through expanded access to diagnostics and other digital information. Other benefits include lower engineering and installation costs and optional device-based control-in-the-field.

The FOUNDATION fieldbus implementation in Brooks devices provides customers easy access to device tuning parameters, and many advanced diagnostic features including:

Zero drift diagnostic

Valve spring life detection

Reverse and no flow conditions detection

Calibration due reminder

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