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Bring engineers to table to combat climate change, Engineers Australia urges

Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia has released a statement on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, saying the study presents a stark and accelerating risk to communities that would impact the current and future work of engineers. 

According to Engineers Australia CEO, Dr Bronwyn Evans, the IPCC study’s findings further confirm what engineers are already grappling with, with heightened risks to their built environment and communities. 

“All countries must heed the warning of the report and take urgent steps to limit warming to 1.5 degrees,” Evans said. “As the creators of low emissions solutions and managers of our built environment, engineers are ready to meet the climate challenge. 

“Engineers will play a vital role not only in building resilience in a new climate, but importantly, in cutting emissions to mitigate extreme climate change.” 

With exposure to climate change, Australia will face greater challenges, Evans stated. 

“Climate adaptation and resilience demands sophisticated engineering solutions in every part of the community,” she said. “Achieving the needed pace and scale will require new and affordable technologies and systems. The IPCC report highlights that mitigation, adaptation and resilience to climate change requires government to bring engineers to the table. 

“Engineers Australia is committed to working with government, business and communities to deliver the changes called for by the IPCC. Our profession must be at the centre of change, and Engineers Australia is committed to leading the way.” 

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