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Breconcherry Tempest tank washer for high precision cleaning of tanks and process vessels

Tecpro Australia introduces the Breconcherry Tempest, a new range of high-flow
jetting tank washers specially designed with longer nozzles to maximise power
and efficiency in industrial tank cleaning applications.

Recommended for precision cleaning of large vessels in the food,
beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, coatings and transport industries, the Breconcherry
Tempest tank washer features long nozzles that produce four heavy and highly
focused jets rotating in a spiral pattern to provide a powerful 360° coverage.

Powered entirely by the wash, the rotating head maintains an optimum jet
peripheral velocity that maximises jet impingement and chemical dwell times.
The short, efficient wash cycle minimises downtime as well as water, chemical
and discharge water costs.

The Breconcherry Tempest tank washers are designed for simple and
cost-effective maintenance. Constructed from only 48 parts, which can be
dismantled and reassembled in minutes, the unit can be serviced with the basic
repair kit containing just 10 parts.

Key features of the Breconcherry Tempest tank washers include sleek
external design; self-cleaning backwash nozzles improving hygiene by preventing
product from settling on the cleaning head; new carbon filled Teflon bearings
improving performance and eliminating contamination risks associated with wear
and tear of ball bearings; food/pharmaceutical grade Teflon bearings optionally
available; lightweight and compact design; 1.5” BSP connection requiring a
minimum manhole/flange opening of 210mm for unit insertion; pressure of 10 Bar
and flow rate of 390 L/min delivering cleaning radius of 9.5m and wetting
radius of 17m; and suitable for working temperatures up to 95°C and ambient
temperatures of up to 140°C.

The Breconcherry Tempest tank washer is an ideal choice for applications
requiring high impact or saturation cleaning along with efficiency, durability
and hygiene.

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