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Breathing new life into tired robots

By supplying new welding systems to be fitted onto older welding robots, SMENCO is able to breathe new life into machinery that might otherwise be destined for the scrapheap.

SMENCO, the Australian distributors for Fronius, says Fronius Robotic Welding Systems are robust, reliable, future proof and designed to be compatible with most leading robot brands, both old and new.

Many options are available from Fronius including gas and watercooled welding systems. They include pulse/ standard MIG welding, TIG/ plasma welding, Cold Metal Transfer, Twin Wire Systems that can all be retrofitted.

Anthony England, Managing Director SMENCO said: “There are lots of reasons why extending the working life of a robot welding cell by retrofitting a new welding system should be considered rather than replacing the entire robot.

“Not only is there a considerable capital equipment saving but new welding technology and systems will improve production quality and speed and keep downtime to a minimum.”

“It is also optimising existing plant and equipment while the new welding systems will increase the ability to weld new products with different processes,” he said.

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