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Boom analysis to be held in Perth

Resources Boom: Opportunities and Consequences it the name of The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering’s 2007 Symposium, to be held in Perth on 19 and 20 November.

The boom is predicted to last for an extended period, and it dominates the Australian economy and generates huge business activities and profits that are shaping government revenues and policies at Federal and State levels — particularly in the “resources” states.

Australia has to prepare for the phenomenon to end, but it also has to plan for it to run on for 15-20 years, to meet the demand from the emerging giants of the world markets. The boom is intricately linked to the surging economies of Asia and carries the attendant risks and rewards.

The symposium will examine — from both Australian and international perspectives — the upside and downside of the situation into which the resources boom has pushed the nation. It will feature speakers from Europe, China and Japan and representatives of the major mining houses that are enmeshed in managing the boom and — in great part — its impact on the culture, economy and social structure of Australia.

Details are available on the ATSE website .

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