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Book now for IICA and ISA industrial wireless training

IICA together with the ISA is holding an Industrial Wireless Systems workshop in North Melbourne on Tuesday 24th February, focussing on the ISA100 standard.

The course will cover the most relevant details associated with industrial wireless systems with an emphasis towards how the various technological choices coexist, interoperate and interact with each other.

Numerous examples of real-world deployments are covered for facilities such as SCADA systems, petrochemical plants, electrical power generation and transmission systems.

On completion of the course, attendees will have gained the following skills, according to IICA:

• Describe today’s wireless offerings for industrial automation

• Understand the security needs of the IT department

• Understand how wireless applications utilising different wireless technologies may interplay at your plant

• Identify if a combination of schemes is needed in your plant

• Identify secure methods for linking multiple plants together

• Visualise how to apply wireless technology to solve real industrial applications

• Identify and solve problems in industrial automation applications

• Examine how return of investment can accurately guide you in prioritising wireless applications that different plant departments are requesting

• Answer the question: “Can I remove the wires from my automation system?”

• Conduct an accurate assessment of wireless systems robustness with a sample application and technology selection

• Examine the marketplace for relevant wireless technologies and make an informed selection for a particular application.

The course will be held on Tuesday 24th February 2009 at Engineers Australia, 21 Bedford St, North Melbourne VIC 3051.

IICA member registration costs $495 while non-member registration costs $595.

To register for the training course, visit and complete a registration form.

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