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Bonfiglioli heavy industrial drives on display at QME

Some of the world’s most advanced heavy industrial drives engineered for robust service in demanding industries such as mining, ports, sugar, energy and materials handling will be introduced to the Queensland Mining Exhibition in Mackay from July 27-29, 2010.

The industrial gearboxes will include one of the new HD helical drive series together with one of the more powerful Trasmital planetary drives.

The latest HDO160 bevel helical – mounted on a baseplate with fluid coupling brake and electric motor – will be complemented by other members of the totally new modular design HD series, produced on Bonfiglioli’s new Australasian production and testing line that cuts down delivery times out of Europe.

The HD series, assembled here in capacities from 14,000 – 125,000 Nm, will be highlighted along with Bonfiglioli’s expanded ranges and stocking in Australia and New Zealand, as well as its ability to custom-engineer drives to meet individual needs and local conditions. Drives on show will include:

• Bonfiglioli’s large planetary drive, the Trasmital 321L5FZ, which offers up to 650 000 Nm of torque for use on heavy duty applications, such as coal thickeners or winches. The Trasmital series, already which is widely used in Australia, is being evolved to meet the most extreme demands presented by heavy industries such as mining.

• The latest Bonfiglioli Hi Torque drive, which is a combination Trasmital 319 planetary and HDO110 bevel helical especially engineered for a wide variety of slow moving applications, such as shuttle drives, belt feeders, apron feeders, cranes and winches.

• A HDO140 with raised split casing to display its rugged internal gears and bearings. The HDO bevel helical and HDP parallel shaft series is engineered for outstanding torque per dollar, high casing strength, long-life bearing technology and quieter, trouble-free operation.

• A HDO alignment-free drive, engineered to provide a cost effective alternative to a baseplate design. HDO drives in sizes 100-140 and HDP drives in sizes 60-140 are among the first to be assembled locally on the complete assembly and testing line commissioned this year for the HD range.

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