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BOGE reinvents the piston compressor

The new PO- (piston oilfree) series from BOGE is a modular, oil-free piston compressor series in the 2.2 to 5.5 kW power range in 10 and 15 bar. 

It is extremely efficient to operate and includes an array of options for adaptation to the user’s application. The new piston compressors stand out thanks to their high reliability, easy maintenance and compact build. Sealed 100% against oil, this new series also meets the requirements of the RoHS* Directive (2002/95/EG).

The PO series unleashes its full potential particularly in the delivery of compressed air at lower, flexible rates: the piston compressors are excellent at handling fluctuating compressed air needs and are designed for lots of starting and stopping during operation. For users this means that the compressors are not limited in terms of permissible duty cycle and can run intermittently or continuously.

Specifically made to last, the direct-driven compressor units operate at a low piston speed. This minimises vibration and wear, and increases efficiency because less compression heat is produced. In addition, the low piston speed of 3 m/sec ensures maximum durability. 

An innovative piston-bearing lubrication system ensures long- lasting lubrication and therefore long compressor life. The only maintenance required is the occasional filter change, which can be done in-house.

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